GUYS I don’t mean to get ahead of myself or spoil anything or be a dork but I’m excited about working on this part of the doujinshi~

I’m still diligently working on the pages and what not but yeah…

So this is a special episode I’ve thought of for a VERY long time. The doujinshi is generally comedy but there are a couple of serious episodes and as you can see this is one of them~

I’ve just drawn sketches of some of the things but the Broly one, I’m not entirely sure if that’s actually gonna be a thing but basically in this episode Bibidi comes back… which you will find out when you read it… because I haven’t thought of a way yet…  Yeah but basically the story is Bibidi comes back and he still wants to dominate the universe, and it’s like… you’ll read it when I make it. I’m terrible at making summaries guys. Like I have everything in my head but I don’t know how to explain it but yeah I hope ya’ll enjoy it yeeeeeaaaah!!!

and my sketches really suck eggs I’m really sorry guys everything is just 


dhjsfhdjfshfjdfhdsfds im such a derp, what am i doing with my eggnog?

Let me know what you guys thiiiiiinnk

April 16, 2013 - 3:50pm [1 year ago]
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