just Chichi being a mother

i was watching the proposal episode…

Based on the picture i just reblogged <3


I was watching the special episode of Adventure time with Fionna and Cake and it made me want to draw this lol~

Enjoy :D

I FOOOOOUND IIIIIIITTTT MUUUUUH dis is old, i was looking all over for this man

I feel genuinely bad that i haven’t done anything in such a while, i’ve been dead and out so here’s a thing??? i love you???

Why not

I finally just got to watch this movie soooo…

Uggh murrr

I’m not even gonna say that I’m back because everytime i do i disappear a like 3 days later. I’m just finally getting close to graduating which gives me just a little more time on my hands… to doodle.

It’s really sad because its been SOOOOO long that I forgot how to draw Goku and yeah… I’ll practice when I have the time. I’m still up for this blog and project, it’s just life… you know? muuurr my art style is really rusty I apologize

if spouses were to switch enthusiasms 

guess what I just waaaaaaaaaatched~?!

busy with school is all~ c: