Artist: Nariko Cleveland (Wooti)
Track: "Gohan's Anger (Orchestrated remix)"
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I made a thiiiiiing! I hope ya’ll like it

i’s just a little remix from the American DBZ soundtrack

just some doodles of someone not goku, need to practice more anyways

~ <3 thank u for the idea my darling <3 <3 <3

sorry the stuff i’ve been posting lately has been really sucking lately, i’ve been dealing with the artist disease know as “the block” haha…

i’ve honestly been kinda depressed so i haven’t any good ideas to draw at this moment. I just want to be able to give you guys some smiles is all. so i deleted some of the posts and i’ve been thinking a lot lately but i hope you guys r doing well yourselves~ any suggestions? for anything? <3

just Chichi being a mother

i was watching the proposal episode…

Based on the picture i just reblogged <3


I was watching the special episode of Adventure time with Fionna and Cake and it made me want to draw this lol~

Enjoy :D

I FOOOOOUND IIIIIIITTTT MUUUUUH dis is old, i was looking all over for this man

I feel genuinely bad that i haven’t done anything in such a while, i’ve been dead and out so here’s a thing??? i love you???